The rooted team members


Tjerk van der Woude

Young Professional Rooted

The internship at Rooted is a fantastic challenge that fits in perfectly with my current education. At Rooted we think about innovative entrepreneurship, with a view to a more sustainable future.


Tom Hulsebosch

Young Professional Rooted

With this internship I hope to gain insight into business and the world of marketing. Generating different sources of income is something that is my passion. Rooted helps me realize this passion in a sustainable way.

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Lennart van der Veen

Sales Advisor

Working my whole life with the result: a worn out body, stress and gray hair. My goal is to become financially independent. Smart and sustainable investments achieve this goal. Rooted’s concept is great, a way to offset CO2, promote biodiversity and receive exceptional returns. Rooted’s innovative character and out of the box thinking is fantastic and makes me excited about the future!


Anouk van Erp

Sales Advisor

I was a nature person from childhood. For example, as an 8-year-old I gave my speech about propagating plants. When my children were born, preserving our beautiful planet suddenly became even more important than it already was. I teach them that they should be careful with nature and treat everything that lives with respect.

When Rooted came my way, I was immediately enthusiastic! With Rooted we invest, by planting fig trees, in a better world and I save some pocket money for the future of my children.

About Us - Learn about the Rooted team and its ambitions.

Fernando Geukens

Sales Advisor

In this special time I am looking for an innovative way to mean something to the world. I found this way, Rooted!

Jessica Westerouen van Meeteren


Jessica has joined the Rooted team as Ambassador. With her years of management experience at various multinationals, she will advise Rooted in various areas.


Nick Zwaneveld


Nick has joined the Rooted team as Ambassador. With his expertise in DeFi, he will advise rooted in this area.


Hugo Sinnema

CEO & Founder

In a rapidly developing world it is essential that we change with it, and to this end I have been looking for a sustainable way to invest money in recent years. Then I found it difficult to find the perfect way: An investment that is good for the environment; but of course also generate returns.

The bonds that Rooted sells make saving fun again and also give new necessity to saving money. Because in addition to our beautiful nature, Rooted also emphasizes the conscious use of money.



William ten Zijthoff

CEO & Founder

With the birth of my children I have come to realize that time with the children is the most important thing. I want to see them grow up, have fun and teach them things. Fun fact: when my youngest daughter was born, I also planted fig trees in my garden. Partly because of the children and for the children, I have become more aware of my choices. If we want to offer a good future to our children and the next generations, we will have to live healthy and sustainable lives.

With Rooted I already contribute to this because for every tree we plant 500KG of CO2 will be compensated.

In addition, we also reap the financial benefits of this. With the proceeds I build up a piggy bank for my children.

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