You could have a bond in 2 minutes

How does it work? How do we ensure a 20%* return?

  • You buy a bond (tree) that is fixed for 20 years.
  • As soon as the first 1,000 bonds have been sold, we plant the trees. Then we plant quarterly.
  • Rooted takes care of the purchase and planting of the tree.
  • We let the tree grow for 3 years so that it can grow enough to generate a sizable harvest.
  • Rooted makes agreements with buyers regarding the sale of the fruits.
  • Rooted pays out the return after the sale of the fruits (after the 3th year and annually).

How do I invest in a tree?

1. You buy a bond / tree.

You -as an investor– buy the bond from Rooted

2. Rooted plants the fig tree

Rooted will plant the fig trees once 1,000 bonds have been sold. After that, rooted will plant the trees once a quarter. The bond term does of course only start once your tree has been planted.

3. After year 3 you will receive a return

Because figs need time to grow, we cannot immediately pay out returns from the first year. That is why we leave the trees alone for the first 3 years (except for maintenance). From the 4th year, we will sell the fruits in order to pay out the return.

4. After 20 years your bond will expire

The bonds run for 20 years, after these 20 years you have the choice to extend for 20 years (and therefore immediately from year 1 return) or to stop. If you decide to stop, we will pay out your last return and refund the purchase amount of your bonds.

Revenue model

Purchase Bond

We divide the proceeds of the bonds (€50 per bond) as follows.

Fig Yields

We divide the yields of the figs as follows. We have taken into account minimum returns for the estimated revenue. This way we are always safe with our predictions.

How it works - Here you can find information about what Rooted actually is
How it works - Here you can find information about what Rooted actually is

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