Written by William ten Zijthoff


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Guest lecture VHL

On Thursday 18-2, William was able to give a guest lecture at the Business Administration and Agribusiness program (Van Hall Larenstein University).

William has taken the students into Rooted’s adventure. How to start a startup and what do you encounter as an entrepreneur. William also took the students into Rooted’s future plans; buying the land in Spain and the goal: to plant the first 1000 trees this summer.

The students had to prepare by thinking of questions to ask William. After a presentation on Rooted, the students had excellent questions such as; Rooted will spray the figs (no, figs remain unsprayed), Rooted has already sought cooperation with Dutch farmers in Spain (not Dutch, but Spanish) and Rooted sells dried or fresh figs (initially fresh figs).

The guest lesson was a great success! Plans have been made to repeat this and to possibly enter into a lasting collaboration. 

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