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Are you traveling with us?

Rooted was founded in January and focuses on biodiversity, CO2 compensation and efficiency. Rooted wants to create a community in which we and all investors work towards this vision. Rooted chooses to make everything as transparent as possible and to keep the risks as limited as possible. With 1000 bonds sold, the trees will be planted on Rooted’s piece of land. The land is purchased at 500 bonds sold. To reward investors for believing in Rooted’s concept and vision, Rooted has come up with the following for the initial investors:

When you purchase at least 5 bonds, you will receive a arranged (work) trip to Spain.

How does it work?

  • You invest a minimum of €250 (5 bonds) in Rooted in the first batch of 1000 trees.
  • As soon as it is known when the trees will be planted, you will receive an invitation for the trip.
  • Rooted arranges the travel, accommodation and lunch on the planting day. Of course there will also be something to drink / eat during planting

What should you do?

  • On the planting day (in the morning between 8 and 12) help with the planting of the trees.
  • Enjoy the Spanish sun and culture in the afternoon.

This action fits in well with Rooted’s vision: ”Rooted in our shared future.” During this action Rooted works together with everyone on a sustainable future.

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