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Domino’s Assen will deliver CO2 neutral from March 1, 2021

SHAFTS – Domino’s Assen, located at Meester PJ Troelstralaan 199a, will deliver its pizzas CO2 neutral from 1 March 2021. This came about through a collaboration between entrepreneur Omid Bahadori from Domino’s Assen and the startup “Rooted” from Assen.

Omid has been working on various options for green entrepreneurship for a long time, for example, in his branch in Meppel he only has bicycle deliverers so as not to emit CO2 during the delivery. In order to also go green in Assen, Omid and Rooted’s idea was to plant twenty trees for Domino’s Assen. This is to compensate for the CO2 emissions of the delivery scooters.

Domino’s Assen has twelve scooters on the road every day, which cover an average of 48 kilometers per day. This year, about 175,000 kilometers will be covered by the pizza deliverers. All these kilometers of deliveries are compensated by planting twenty fig trees.

Omid sees the collaboration with Rooted as a first step towards a sustainable future. He hopes that more entrepreneurs will follow his example and have their CO2 compensated via www.becomeroted.nl

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